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Located in the Northern Luzon Philippines, Hillside Dwellers is a project scope that tackles issues such as food security in the Ifugao, Agribusiness, Community construction in Baguio, and cross collaboration of innovation. These issues are translated into an Architectural project located onto two different sites, aided by the collaboration of the Katutubong project to help bring awareness to the indigenous cultures within the Philippines. The overall Project aims to help engage local youth and community to contribute towards international issues while answering local realities in a cross cultural exchange. Through the participation of workshops aimed to expose the process of design and innovation we aim to encourage youth and local community to “think locally and act globally” in retrospect our objectives are to empower both ends of this cross cultural exchange to feel empowered by answering three Architectural questions.

  1. What can Architecture do to empower local youth and community to engage in humanitarian issues overseas and encourage positive change locally?
  2. What can Architecture do to empower indigenous development?

  3. What can Architecture do, to create sustainable opportunity for both local and international partnerships?


Upcoming Events




As part of our awareness and education on what it takes to start projects, empower others, innovate and equip individuals for our Emerge Trips or individuals curious about how Social Design works then please attend one of our workshops



Want to take part in our projects? Explore the Philippines in a adventure like no other? Than we have the perfect trip for you! Our Emerge trips allow you to learn more about the Cordilleran culture, see some amazing sites, help out on our projects and create new friendships with our host community.


Weekend retreats

Want to learn more about Social Enterprise, How our projects work and also equip yourself to help make a difference whether it be local or global? then join one of our weekend retreats. We host in groups of 10, includes accomodation, meals, weekend activities and guest speakers.